Elizabeth Densmore, owner of Office 2 Office Virtual Assistant, has over twenty five years experience, education, and skills in organizational/ data management, and customer service. She is proficient in Word Processing, Excel, PowerPoint, Mailchimp e-marketing and several online productivity programs. Elizabeth stays up-to-date with social media, digital productivity tools and the growing trends in the vast web universe.

Known as an Office Efficiency Expert, Elizabeth ingenuity brings innovative, creative solutions to businesses struggling with disorder in their office environment. Dedicated, hard working, flexible, and resourceful, Elizabeth finds solutions to eliminate office chaos and the ability to restore peace of mind.

Elizabeth’s mission is to help each clientele increase their bottomline. Whether by taking care of tasks for them or providing instructions how to achieve the end results. The goal is to make sure backend process are done properly inturn clientele business shine and continue to grow profitably.

Manage your prioritise and your time will work for you. Every day we have numerous decisions to make in our personal and business life. How we approach each decision, comes down to the level of importance. We have the option to decide how much time and energy we want to spend towards completion. Allow Office 2 Office Virtual Assistants to take care of all your administrative tasks and give you the freedom to do what you love.

Elizabeth is a writer, a facilitator, and speaker.

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