vassistantTight deadlines, incomplete projects, endless details, responsibilities that continuously add up in our day. Since we are not able to clone ourselves, maybe the next best solution to consider is to outsource some of the load.

The problem with many entrepreneurs is wearing too many hats and holding onto all of them tightly. Hesitation creeps in, unsure what to outsource, or worry if task is competed to their satisfaction. Let go of control and take the plunge outsource tasks to unburden yourself.


Have you ever considered the convenience of outsourcing task that are burdening you? A Professional Virtual Assistant is a great resource to help relieve you of the mounting stress created in your business. The internet has expanded our reach to have all our information accessible via cloud sourcing. It makes good business sense to leverage your time by building a team of talented professionals. Outsource is a great resource to help you when you need it.

The Benefits and Value of Outsourcing Services

Save on time by freeing you from your routine, time-sucking tasks. Time is a resource we can never take back and is important to utilize properly. Outsource task to a Virtual Assistant allows you to fill your calendar to meet new clients, explore new business ventures, enjoy meeting with friends and more time to spend with family. You will notice an increase in your productivity and profits when you delegate tasks.

Saves your business money No need to supply a workstation since all the work is done remotely over the internet. Tasks have a pre-set deadline, freeing you up to get other responsibilities accomplished. With employees, there are all the payroll taxes, a proper workstation and you need to generate enough work to financially justify keeping them. The benefit of outsourcing is hiring a subcontractor who invoices you, eliminating all the excessive expense an employee brings. This provides additional freedom to decide what tasks and how long a duration. It is also a tax expense that can be written off in your year end.

Relieves stress on yourself A phone call or a few keystrokes away is a talented team player ready to complete tasks. Remove the invisible shackles of the day-to-day details that frustrate and eat up your time. No longer it is necessary to stay up at night wondering how all the work will get accomplished. Instead, think of all the things you can accomplished by delegating tasks you do not have the time, desire or expertise to complete yourself. A huge value relieving you of feeling overwhelmed and under productive.

How can outsourcing help your business?

  1. Allows you the luxury to outsource tasks you do not have the time, desire, or expertise to complete yourself.
  2. It frees you up to do what you love to do.
  3. Leverage time to build your business.
  4. Relieve you of day to day details that eat up your time
  5. Build a personal life instead of being consumed by your business
  6. You become more effective, productive, and profitable

What are the advantage to contract professional talent?

  • Done remotely – no need for a workstation
  • Subcontract – eliminating employee deductions
  • Services invoiced – tax right off for your business
  • Outsource tasks when you need it for a few hours or regular basis
  • Accomplish more in your day
  • Start up and discontinue services anytime

Manage prioritize and your time will work for you. Let go of being Super Entrepreneur Cape Crusader and allow resources to help you stay afloat. Every day we have numerous decisions to make in our personal and business life. How we approach our decisions comes down to the level of importance we place on each of them. We have the option how much time and energy we want to place on each decision.

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